Unlimited mobility

With the development of technology, especially in terms of solutions related to the fourth industrial revolution, electromobility is becoming more and more important. The term also includes solutions used in internal transport. Especially in the future, the factories in the cyber-physical world should be flexible and easily adaptable to the needs, and the machines cooperate with each other and automatically implement their goals.

For the sake of providing autonomous traffic in any direction, WObit designed the mobile robot MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner MW. It is equipped with Mecanum wheels, consisting of freely rotating rollers placed at 45° on the perimeter of the wheel. These wheels allow longitudinal and lateral movement as well as robot rotation around its center, the word omni-directional movement.

On the mobile robot with Ease, you can transport a variety of very heavy loads (up to 1500 kg for FlatRunner MW), and importantly maneuvering in small spaces with accuracy up to a millimeter does not pose any challenge for the WObit robot.

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