For detailed configuration of robot parameters, use the MOBOT® RoutePlanner software.

Software works under Windows control. Using this interface, you can perform operations such as:

  • observation of the status of the robot and the most important components of the system,
  • configuration of drives and I / O of the main controller,
  • hand-operated vehicle navigation,
  • adding to the controller characteristic points of the route in which a specific action is to be carried out.

The main part of the software is an environment that allows programming of the robot's movement on specific sections of the route and assigning tasks to the robot.


Control terminal  equipped with a Wi-Fi router allows you to control the robot (s) through the touch panel and remote commanding of the robot. It allows reading basic information about the robot's work status such as its location, current task, etc.


Robotic network management  - the management station can be additionally equipped with a PLC controller for controlling external devices, eg roller conveyors, warning lights or other machines with which you need to synchronize the work of the robots. As part of the line, several management stations located at separate work stations can be used. Such a system allows for the implementation of distributed robot management.


Intelligent factory - AGV robot management system can be combined with enterprise management software (MES / ERP), which enables creation of cyber-physical communication, data collection in the cloud and global access to data and the possibility of control.

Factory 4.0
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