Carts and adapters for MOBOTs

How does MOBOT® AGV transport my trolley?

Mobile robots can transport a variety of cargo from very light to very heavy.
These trolleys can be lade manually or automatically.
For each of the robots we offer several models of standard trucks and adapters, allowing the automatic unloading of the cargo, its safe transport and dropping off to the target place.
In addition to the standard solutions, we also offer the execution of a truck tailored to the needs of your factory.

The maximum weight of the part, if an additional adapter or carriage is used, is equal to the robot's weight less the weight of the adapter / carriage.

MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner MW

1500 kg

MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner HT

500 kg

MOBOT® AGV EcoRunner

350 kg

MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner

300 kg

MOBOT® CubeRunner AGV

200 kg

MOBOT® AGV eRunner

100 kg
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