AGV works as an element of an intelligent factory

In the intelligent body of a modern factory one of the key roles is played by effective and fast communication of machines and people. It is correlated with the organization of processes that should easily adapt to current production needs, ensuring optimal use of resources.

One of the elements of such an adaptive interlogistic model that will enable efficient, highly individualized mass production are self-driving mobile robots, manufactured among others by WObit. MOBOT® AGV robots have been designed to maximize production efficiency. Their construction allows you to fit in any transporting vehicle – can transport pallets, litter trays, small details, depending on how the truck is made. MOBOT® AGV can hook the carts themselves, it can be charged manually or automatically with another industrial robot. After synchronizing the AGV robot with the warehouse management software or after equipping the stations or production machines with the appropriate sensors, it can be called fully automatically to perform a specific task. These tasks can also be ordered by a man - the implementation depends on the degree of process automation in the enterprise.

MOBOT® AGV works can be equipped with one of three navigation systems: color based camera based on a color line, magnetic sensor detecting magnetic tape and laser terrain mapping system. The latter uses laser scanners to scan space and determine the robot's location without the need to use any additional external elements except for naturally occurring objects in the room. Safety of mobile carriages provides safety scanners. Already the most basic configuration allows the robot to work in direct contact with people. MOBOT® AGV works are equipped with batteries allowing work from 8 to 12 hours, depending on the load and their use.

The components of the MOBOT® AGV robot family are: eRunner, EcoRunner, CubeRunner, FlatRunner, also available in the version HT and new FlatRunner MW, which can be tran sports up to 1500 kg. The new mobile robot in the MOBOT® family of AGVs is the first model characterized by unlimited freedom of movement, possible thanks to the development of a motor system equipped with a Mecanum wheel. It allows you to move both forward and backward as well as moving to the side, and also diagonally , without having to make maneuvers to turn or even turn. This unlimited mobility is accompanied by very high positioning precision, allowing access to the designated point with an accuracy of ±1 mm, even in limited space.

The use of robots from the MOBOT® AGV family improves safety, efficiency and allows a very transparent way to design and plan a delivery cycle in a production plant , both in terms of economy material as well as transport of finished products. If you want to know more about MOBOT® AGV, read the other information at and visit our channel YouTube.



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