MOBOT AGV FlatRunner MW finalist of the Good Design 2019 competition!

The mobile robot MOBOT AGV FlatRunner MW  from WObit became a finalist of the Good Design 2019 competition in the sphere of Work.

Good design is a sign that Institute of Industrial Design every rewards well-designed products and services available on the Polish market. This prestigious competition has been organized since 1993. Its purpose is to find and promote the best-designed products and services on the Polish market.

It supports the growing aesthetics in entrepreneurship that uses design as a tool to build competitive advantage.

Competition products and services are indicated by researchers and experts of the Institute of Industrial Design on the basis of constant market monitoring. At the same time, it is the only independent design audit in Poland: product selection is based on the knowledge of IWP experts and researchers, their knowledge of design, market and trends.

This year, 187 products were submitted for the competition in nine categories Home, Work, Public Area, Services, New technologies, Graphics and packaging, New production materials, Transport and communication, and Fashion and accessories.

They were assessed according to the following criteria: visual features, usability features, economic features and additional values ​​that distinguish the product and service - innovation, originality, comfort of use.

The MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner MW mobile robot will be presented at the 'Good Design 2019' exhibition, rated by designers and entrepreneurs as the best design exhibition in Poland. The exhibition will be held at the headquarters of the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw from October 25 - December 1, 2019.

The award-winning mobile robot is used to automate internal transport. Its task is the autonomous transport of cargo between designated points. It is ideal for transporting heavy pallets, large packages or undersized details weighing up to 1800 kg. This model is equipped with special Mecanum wheels enabling movement in any direction and making 360-degree rotations. FlatRunner MW belongs to the the MOBOT® AGV mobile robot family created by WObit, which currently consists of seven models with a load capacity of 100 to 1800 kg.


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