WObit launches MOBOT® TRANSPORTER - modern mobile transport responding to the needs of customers.

Inexpensive, easy to use and versatile , this is the new mobile robot created by WObit. The compact device with a load capacity of up to 100 kg is prepared for quick, independent installation and adaptation by the user. This is the answer to the wide need for transport automation not only in the area of ​​industry and warehouse logistics, caused by the rapid change in reality brought by the coronavirus pandemic, but also in other spaces and institutions.

MOBOT® TRANSPORTER was created as a result of many years of work of WObit on the development of mobile robotics products. It is the implementation of the idea, proclaimed as part of the Reach4Robotics project, aimed at creating robots that will be easy to use and accessible to their users. Robot programming has been simplified to the size of a small application in the form of a tutorial.

From now on, each user will be able to start his robot himself. Therefore, expensive and long-lasting installation of the device, implemented through a highly specialized integrator, becomes unnecessary.

Due to the quick, independent implementation and low cost of the robot MOBOT® TRANSPORTER , payback time is very short. Even when replacing the work of only one person in a single shift, the ROI is 1 year. This means that in almost every company, organization, institution or establishment, it pays to introduce MOBOT® TRANSPORTER robots to carry out transport tasks.

Configuration to meet your needs

The new mobile robot is a product that the customer can quickly and conveniently adapt to their own needs using the configurator available on website . Already in the standard version receives functional and cost-effective tool for the automation of transport. The offer of additional options allows to increase the robot's capabilities, and the investment cost is known immediately, without hidden surprises.

An intuitive and safe way of working

Operation and functions of the mobile robot MOBOT® TRANSPORTER are designed to be easy to use and user friendly as much as possible. LMS navigation, built-in sensors and video camera allow the robot to efficiently and safely move around the customer's business environment. The sealed construction and the option of wheel selection will also allow the robot to be used outdoors.

Versatility of applications

Configurability , intuitive navigation, advanced security features and compact design with the possibility of easy use of any additional equipment, allow its implementation in many places. MOBOT® TRANSPORTER can support processes in hotels, hospitals , airports or offices. The customer can easily retrofit it with sensors to control temperature or air quality, which will allow the implementation of tasks such as supervision and control of facilities. The possibilities of the application are very wide and depend on the ingenuity and needs of the user.


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