Digital Warehouse: Make your logistics more efficient!

How to improve ergonomics and improve the work of the person completing the order in the warehouse? We recommend using the synergy of Industry 4.0 solutions, including automated systems, autonomous mobile robots , wearables and real-time data monitoring.

Thanks to the combination of efficient hardware and software, in just 6 weeks we were able to create a custom intelligent AMR vehicle prototype - which can change the work of warehouse employees!

Join our free webinar to see how you can equip your logistics with similar technology!

During the meeting, you will learn what this solution is all about, how it works in practice, what are the benefits and how to modernize your facility with innovative solutions, including:

Attend a meeting with experts from WObit , ProGlove and PGS Software to be held on Tuesday March 16 at 10:00 am and find out how design efficient, automated warehouse processes and reduce costs thanks to the latest Industry 4.0 solutions.

During the webinar you will see:

A detailed agenda and registration form can be found here. Welcome!


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