MOBOT® TRANSPORTER U1, a WObit mobile robot with the Good Design 2021 award and Product of the Year 2021!

 Robot mobilny MOBOT® TRANSPORTER U1

The mobile robot MOBOT TRANSPORTER U1 is the winner of the Good Design 2021 competition organized by the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw and was also awarded the Product of the Year 2021 title.

Part quality control during transport with a mobile robot

robot mobilny MOBOT AGV CubeRunner2 w aplikacji kontroli jakości

In this article, we will show you how, using automatic transport, you can use the travel time to perform additional tasks - in this case, part quality control.

MOBOT xArm - MOBOT® mobile robot equipped with a robotic arm

MOBOT xArm – robot mobilny MOBOT® wyposażony w ramię robotyczne

We present the characteristics of MOBOT® xArm, its applications and the most important benefits. Check the details.

Digital Warehouse: Make your logistics more efficient!

Zapraszamy na webinar Digital Warehouse: Make Your Logistics More Efficient

On Tuesday, March 16, there was a meeting with experts from WObit, ProGlove and PGS Software who presented how digital innovations can become a stimulus for the development of your company.

Why disinfect with UV-C light? And why is it worth employing a mobile robot for this?

ALVO Ultra V-bot mobilny robot dezynfekujący

In this article, we explain the properties of UV-C radiation, as well as present the possibilities of using a mobile robot in the decontamination of rooms.

STILL Polska and WObit - partnership for automation

Roboty mobilne MOBOT AGV MW

Striving to create a comprehensive portfolio of AGV solutions for warehouses, STILL Polska establishes cooperation with the Polish company WObit, mobile robots which will be used in projects for STILL clients

A new tax relief for robotization as an opportunity for the development of Polish enterprises

Nowa ulga na robotyzację szansą na rozwój polskich przedsiębiorstw

With the new year 2021, entrepreneurs will have a new opportunity to obtain a return on investment in automation and robotization.

ALVO® Ultra V-bot - mobile UV-C disinfecting robot

ALVO® Ultra V-bot – mobilny robot dezynfekujący UV-C

In response to the need for a device that effectively fights dangerous pathogens, and is easy to use, ALVO® Ultra V-bot was created.

Which mobile robot for my application?

autonomiczne roboty mobilne MOBOT

There are many different aspects to consider when choosing a robot. In this article, we only focus on the lifting capacity and movement capabilities. You will find an infographic for download.

5 signals that your company needs mobile robots

pomocna technologia

Mobile robots help companies increase profits and meet customer requirements by optimizing internal transport processes. We present the key factors that indicate whether they will work for you

Innovative supply chain technologies and talented people, or how to gain a competitive advantage


What challenges are faced by companies and people, and what actions should we take to deal with them effectively? You will find the answers in the article.

MOBOT® eduRunner MW - a new solution for learning mobile robotics

MOBOT eduRunner MW

MOBOT® eduRunner MW offers new, broad development opportunities for technical schools and universities dealing with automation, robotics and mechatronics.

The new autonomous mobile robot MOBOT® TRANSPORTER T5


The WObit family of mobile robots is expanding with a new model - MOBOT® TRANSPORTER T5. The new autonomous mobile robot is designed to pull a variety of loads up to 500 kg.

The new autonomous mobile robot MOBOT® CubeRunner MW

autonomiczny robot mobilny MOBOT® CubeRunner MW

The WObit offer includes the new MOBOT® AGV CubeRunner MW. The new autonomous mobile robot with directional wheels is used to automate the internal transport of various loads up to 200 kg.

AGV, AIV, AMR, SGV - what is the meaning of this naming?


In this article, we explain what the individual names mean, where they came from and what are the most important differences in this technology, as well as what category the MOBOT machines belong to.

MOBOT® mobile robots - high quality and safety in line with standards

normy bezpieczeństwa

In today's article, we will present in accordance with what standards Polish autonomous mobile robots MOBOT® are designed and manufactured.

Robots vs. people - what skills will be important in the automated world?

czlowiek vs maszyna

The development of technology is accelerating, which is why the next 10 to 15 years will bring us even more changes. In the article we present how automation and digitization will affect the labor market.

WObit launches MOBOT® TRANSPORTER - modern mobile transport responding to the needs of customers.


Inexpensive, easy to use and universal, this is the new mobile robot created by WObit.

Get ready for a gray rhino charge in VUCA times

szary nosorożec w czasach VUCA

How to live in the times of VUCA, when gray rhinos and black swans attack us from everywhere? We present concepts and proposed solutions that are good for animals, people and robots.

Safe internal transport - the 5 most important aspects

Safe internal transport - the 5 most important aspects

Autonomous mobile robots such as MOBOT® AGV produced by WObit is a solution that enables the creation of safer and more efficient jobs. Let's take a closer look at how.