The law of creativity tells us that the progress in the history of mankind begins with the idea created in the mind of a single human being. Since WObit has adopted its slogan phrase â - we are moving imagination, it is not only a challenge to move the imagination of young, ambitious people, but it can bring more satisfaction.

WObit, implementing the idea of â€‹â€‹a mobile robot, MOBOT set the following tasks:

The emergence of an autonomous mobile robot construction with an affordable price can, however, bring many benefits that are important both for companies involved in this field of technology and for all those using or able to use the goods that modern solutions of robots carry. Particularly noteworthy is the expected increase in applications, both quantitative and in the sense of the area of â€‹â€‹application. Companies participating in the idea of â€‹â€‹building and popularizing an autonomous robot expect a significant increase in the number of products sold to complete the new market and greater interest in the offered components designed for similar applications that may result from the launch of the imagination of applicants.

The second group of potential beneficiaries is created by tech enthusiasts, students and junior engineers. For them, there is no better motivation to learn than the satisfaction of a moving, self-made device. Using the idea of â€‹â€‹MOBOT in the near future, they can find an interesting job leading to personal and professional success. This will be the most important effect for me to take the idea.

Dear Internauto, join us, start the imagination!