MOBOT-USv2 -sensor distance sensor [5 - 350cm]

Sonar MOBOT-US V2 is an ultrasonic sound distance meter that operates in a non-audible sonic range based on piezoelectric transducers. It allows distance measurements ranging from approx. 5 cm to approx. 3.5 m with a resolution of 3 mm. Ideally suited for mobile robots and other devices where it is necessary to measure distances in a wide range. Thanks to the sleep mode, you can limit the power consumption to 2.5mA, which is very important for battery-powered devices. A fast I2C interface is used to communicate with the sensor. Three jumpers (A0, A1, A2) are placed on the board to address up to 8 sonars on one bus. It is also possible to measure without using the I2C bus, and the measured distance is available at the voltage output.