DC motor with low gear ratios DG2425-025 [310 rpm]

Miniature DC motor DG2425-025 with integrated 25: 1 ratio transformer perfect for small miniSUMO, is available for regular sales at WObit. The motor with the diameter of the 24 mm housing has a length of only 25 mm, which allows two motors to be placed opposite each other in the miniSUMO structure within the prescribed dimensions. AND

The motor is mounted behind the M2 threaded holes in the front gearbox, spaced 27 mm, and has a 10 mm diameter steel wire with a diameter of 3 mm embedded in a slip bearing. The motor has a rated voltage of 6 V and an idling current lower than 50 mA. The motor achieves a rotational speed of 8,000 rpm, but after the gear unit on the output shaft it turns at 310 rpm.

The low engine mass of 25 g creates the opportunity to use it as a performance micromechanism in toys, small driven portable mechanisms, miniature printers, robots, etc. In the warehouse there are also twin motors with a ratio of 16: 1, 80: 1 and 200: 1 providing speed of 500, 100 and 40 revolutions per minute, respectively