ME22 - optoelectronic encoder

The optoelectronic rotary-impulse transducer of the ME22 series with a diameter of 22 mm in a plastic housing is designed for mounting on the axis of a micromotor with a diameter of 3, 4 or 6 mm.

The + 5VDC voltage transducer provides two rectangular electrical signals A, B, phase shifted by 90o in TTL standard.

Low power consumption, below 20mA, allows it to be used in battery-powered applications.

The reflective technology of the optoelectronic chip, the metal indexing disc and the high-impact housing material make up a modern transducer design for mass applications in mobile robotics, miniature instruments requiring positioning, office equipment and generally for mounting on small DC motors.

ME22 transmitters with a 6mm bore are available from stock in popular resolutions such as: 200, 250 and 300 divisions per revolution.

The encoder is equipped with a miniature connector, and the set includes a 5-core cable, 30 cm long, with a clipped plug. This transducer is versatile due to its high price attractiveness.