DC motor with low gear ratios DG2425-080 [95 rpm]

The DG2425-080 miniature constant current motor with integrated 80: 1 ratio gearmotor is perfect for small robots. The motor with the diameter of the 24mm housing has a length of only 25mm. The motor is mounted behind the M2 threaded holes in the front gearing plate, spaced 27mm, and has a steel diameter of 10mm with a diameter of 3mm with slotted thread mounted in a slip bearing. The motor has a rated voltage of 6V and an idling current below 50mA. The gear motor on the output shaft turns with a speed of 95 rpm. The low engine mass of 25g creates the chances of its use as an executive micromechanism in toys, small driven portable mechanisms, miniature printers, robots, etc.