MOBOT-LDET-LTH -moduÅ for reflexive sensors (with LTH sensor)

The MOBOTâ LDET module is a universal electronic system designed for the service of reflective optocouplers. After connecting the sensor to the module, you can easily receive a binary signal 0 or 1 depending on the state that the optical sensor records. The sensitivity of the system is regulated by a potentiometer. The module is designed to cooperate with sensors: â?˘ LTH209-01 â?˘ QRD1114 â?? All other reflective optocouplers compatible with the above standards Optical optocouplers can be used to detect objects, edges, orifices as a reference, to detect color (reflexivity), and to detect boundary lines (sumo robots) or guide lines (linefolower robots) The MOBOT-LDET-LTH module is sold with a reflective sensor LTH209-01