MAOR-12v2 - miniSUMO class mobile robot

MAOR-12v2 is the successor of the MAOR-12 robot, which compared to its predecessor was enriched with an additional extension connector, an infrared receiver, and a number of improvements have been made to improve its use and operation.

A fully-loaded, running and tested mobile robot MAOR-12v2 with four-wheel drive can be used to learn robotics and microprocessor technology, and participate in miniSUMO robot class competitions. Dual-processor architecture, open construction and advanced SPAR-TA visual software allow people without programming experience to program robot movements. MAOR-12v2 is not only attractive for robotics enthusiasts, players wanting to take part in miniSUMO competitions, technical schools and universities, but all interested in microprocessor technology, as it is a lively microprocessor application in which you can constantly observe the effects of programming in upper level, and for those who know also in the internal languages â??â??of the microcontrollers used.

Thanks to the preparation for mass production MAOR-12v2 achieves an extremely low price. From other technical innovations, this robot has been able to expand, access all components at attractive prices with a small amount from WObit specializing in the field of sensors and small drives as well as robotics components. MAOR-12v2 detects obstacles with two ultrasonic sensors, four line sensors can follow the right path, light effects are provided by a series of LEDs, and good adhesion to the ground is guaranteed by aluminum wheels with rubber tires manufactured by WObit. The robot is also sold cheaper as a putty with the main board running, but the other components prepared for self-assembly (requires a soldering iron and minimal knowledge of things, and a CD with SPAR-TA software and mounting instructions is included). For interest groups or groups of lovers of robotics, it is also available in sets with a ring for running miniSUMO class competitions. For the organization of competitions, it is advisable to buy radio modules and a ring.

NOTE, the set does not contain batteries and interface (radio modules or USB-UART adapter) for communication with the SPAR-TA environment. These devices can be purchased separately (MOBOT-USB-UART, or MOBOT-RCRv2 + MOBOT-RCR-USBv2).