MAOR-12T - miniSUMO class mobile robot

MAOR-12T is the "stronger brother" of the MAOR-12v2 robot. In contrast to the predecessor, it has stronger engines (allowing to obtain a robot load of up to 1m / s) and integrated battery charger.

A fully-deployed, running and tested mobile robot MAOR-12T with enhanced four-wheel drive can be used to learn robotics and microprocessor technology, and participate in miniSUMO robot class competitions. The dual-processor architecture, open construction and advanced SPAR-TA visual software allows people without programming experience to program robot movements.

MAOR-12T is attractive especially for the enthusiasts of robotics, players who want to play miniSUMO competition because of the stronger engines compared to the robot in the first version. Also in technical schools and universities, it will withstand more difficult tests in the hands of a youngster. People interested in microprocessor technology will be able to translate the vital microprocessor application, where you can observe the effects of programming in a higher level on a current basis, and more advanced program- mers will also take advantage of the internal languages â??â??of the microcontrollers used. MAOR-12T detects obstacles with two ultrasonic sensors, four line sensors can follow the right path, light effects are provided by a series of LEDs, and good adhesion to the ground is guaranteed by aluminum wheels with rubber tires manufactured by WObit.

ATTENTION, the kit does not contain batteries and interface (radio modules or USB-UART adapter) for communication with the SPAR-TA environment. These devices can be purchased separately (MOBOT-USB-UART, or MOBOT-RCRv2 + MOBOT-RCR-USBv2).