URG-04LX-UG01 - laser scanner with a range up to 5.5 [m] and 240n scan angle

Laser scanner for mobile robots In the area of â??â??small mobile robots, when choosing a space scanner, the most important roles are criteria such as functionality, size and energy efficiency. The URG-04LX laser scanner is the optimal choice for small, efficiently working mobile robots and existing system applications from robotic technology. Laser scanners deliver continuous time-coordinated environment coordinates and thus determine the instantaneous placement of the robot or autonomous transport system. The access to the collected data takes place in real time on the synchronous output. Fast USB port (working as a virtual COM port) in a simple way allows reading data from the scanner. Basic properties of the URG-04LX sensor: - 5.6m range - 1mm resolution - scan angle 240 degrees, resolution 0.36 degrees - 10 scans / sec - accuracy of 60-999mm Âą 10mm, 1000mm-4095mm Âą 1% of range - laser power less than 0.8mW (785nm) - dimensions 50 mm x 50 mm x 70 mm, weight 160g - USB2.0 / RS 232 connector - 5VDC power supply, 2.5W WObit also offers other laser scanners with detection ranges up to 50m with a scanning speed of up to 40 scans per second for automation and robotics processes.