ALVO® Ultra V-bot - mobile UV-C disinfecting robot

The pandemic, the new normality, is a big challenge for many companies and institutions that want to ensure safe working conditions.

In response to the need for a device that effectively combats dangerous pathogens , and at the same time easy to use, the ALVO® Ultra V-bot was created. The new robot is the result of collaboration between three technology partners WObit , ALVO® Medical and LUXIONA .

ALVO® Ultra V-bot uses proven UV-C light technology that destroys nucleic acid (DNA) of dangerous pathogens , including SARS-CoV-2.

Safe and autonomous operation

Thanks to intuitive software and autonomous laser navigation, ALVO® Ultra V-bot can perform automatic, programmed room decontamination. There is also a manual mode in which the operator, using the application on the tablet and information from the front camera of the robot, remotely moves the device around selected rooms.

Solid design and equipment with large off-road wheels allow smooth movement of the robot even on uneven terrain and overcome thresholds. The construction of the mobile base enables self-decontamination of the wheels, the low mounting point of the irradiation column enables the decontamination process to be carried out in relation to the bottoms of countertops and desks, while the maximum height with the appropriate power of fluorescent lamps allows for the disinfection of walls under the ceiling.

The unique protection class (IP65) allows the disinfection of the robot returning from the contaminated zone in the area of ​​the lower registers of the base and chassis with a continuous stream or spray from a safe distance.

Employing a robot for decontamination is a saving for institutions and companies that decide to invest in new, innovative technology. Once programmed, the ALVO® Ultra V-bot can run autonomously, saving staff time from concentrating on other tasks. Moreover, UV-C decontamination is remotely controlled, so the staff is not exposed to direct contact with pathogens, strong disinfectants and UV-C radiation.

Eliminating dangerous pathogens from the environment is necessary not only in hospitals, especially in the "new epidemic reality". ALVO® Ultra V-bot ensures high decontamination efficiency in all important public spaces: concert halls, schools, production plants, sports clubs, shopping centers, laboratories, etc.

ALVO® Ultra V-bot will be available for sale from October 19.

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