MOBOT xArm - MOBOT® mobile robot equipped with a robotic arm

When you combine two innovative technologies, you usually choose what's best for them to get the maximum benefit. The same is the case with MOBOT® xArm, i.e., a MOBOT® mobile robot with an integrated robotic arm. In this article, we have collected the most important features of  MOBOT® mobile robots. You will find what the MOBOT® xArm project is all about, as well as the benefits and application examples.

A wide range of MOBOT® robots - the optimal choice of solutions for the automation of intralogistics

MOBOT® mobile robots are universal, autonomous transport robots that optimize internal transport. The product family currently available in the WObit offer includes over ten different models of robots with lifting capacities of 100, 200, 500, 750, 1000 and 1800 kg.

Depending on the application needs, you can choose MOBOT®s with a differential drive that allows forward / backward movement and rotation in place, as well as an omnidirectional drive. Robots with Mecanum wheels allow movement in every direction, 360 ° rotation, and change of direction on the spot. Such freedom of maneuver allows for agile and safe movement in the designated space and efficient avoidance of obstacles. It is the optimal solution for tasks where there is a constant need for efficient and flexible connection of distant production stations.

Roboty mobilne MOBOT

The flexibility and efficiency of changing the movement direction without the need to turn or turn around a curve create the potential that gives the MOBOT® MW autonomous mobile robots exceptional agility. They are perfect for processes with a short cycle time, where reducing the number of maneuvers needed to change direction allows the task to be completed in a shorter time.

MOBOT® robots are easy to implement into existing processes without the need to introduce significant and costly changes to the factory space. The robot system is also scalable, which means that it can be easily expanded with other devices. Their most common tasks include the automatic transport of semi-finished products at various stages of production, from pre-treatment, through assembly, testing, to the receipt of the finished product.

The self-driving MOBOT® robots have a compact and stable structure, thanks to which the same robot can be easily adapted to transport various products. They can transport pallets with goods, litter boxes filled with small details, as well as finished products of diverse sizes. Loads can be carried over the robot, moved by a roller conveyor or a pallet or gravity truck automatically docked by the robot. The WObit offer includes several standard adapters/modules for the superstructure and transport trolleys for each of the mobile transport robots. It is also possible to make a trolley/adapter adapted to the customer's unusual cargo. They can be hooked up automatically, loaded manually, or automatically with another industrial robot.

MOBOT® xArm - A mobile robot with an integrated robotic arm

MOBOT® mobile robots can be integrated with any robotic arm - industrial articulated robot or cobot (collaborative robot). The MOBOT® mobile robot with such equipment was called MOBOT® xArm.

MOBOT® xArm is a combination of the advantages of a universal and agile mobile robot with an industrial robot, and at the same time safely cooperating with a human. It is a comprehensive solution that is an ideal response to the requirements of Industry 4.0, as it is characterized by high mobility and flexibility.

MOBOT® xArm - 5 most important benefits

  1. Limiting the downtime of robots

Until now, the relocation of stationary robot systems has required a long process and the involvement of qualified personnel. If it was necessary to move the robot between tasks, the process was complicated and time-consuming. The situation was simplified by the introduction of cobots, i.e. collaborative robots that are easier to use. However, the real revolution is solutions such as the MOBOT® xArm, as they can autonomously move from one workstation to another using natural navigation. There is no need for the worker to physically move the robot or time-consuming reprogramming. This allows companies to simplify many processes and increase efficiency, while employees can concentrate on other tasks.

  1. Better use of space

By definition, mobile robots move within the factory and warehouse area. Usually, they have compact dimensions to easily move in standard traffic routes. Even with an integrated articulated robot or cobot, they do not take up much space as they do not need a protective fence. You can read more about this benefit in the article: 5 signals that your company needs mobile robots.

  1. Agility

Both autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and cobots are in themselves very flexible, easily adaptable solutions. In the case of mobile robots, this is influenced by natural navigation and the freedom of movement - especially in the case of robots with Mecanum wheels, as well as the speed of implementation and the increasingly easier programming of robots. Cobots also do not require high programming qualifications and can be quickly adapted to new tasks. MOBOT® xArm allows you to use the synergy of benefits of both these solutions.

  1. Improving safety

Mobile robots as well as cobots have advanced safety features that allow them to work alongside people. This means that apart from the equipment with emergency stop buttons, they are programmed in such a way that they stop when a person enters the area where the robot works. The use of solutions such as MOBOT® xArm in repetitive, monotonous, and not very ergonomic tasks allows reducing the physical burden of employees. Robots support people's work, which translates into reducing absenteeism at work and gaining time to carry out tasks requiring creativity, initiative, and thinking focused on creating new solutions.

  1. Increased productivity

Quite obviously, the primary goal of robotization is process optimization, i.e. improving its efficiency. This means achieving maximum profit at the lowest possible cost. The implementation of solutions such as MOBOT® xArm allows, thanks to the reduction of downtime and faster installation, to increase the time spent on product production. Moreover, the constant, repeatable quality obtained thanks to the use of robots also translates into a reduction in production costs and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Application example - supplying tools to machining centers

In 2019, WObit, in cooperation with KUKA, Siemens and Hannex, implemented a project to integrate the KR Agilus industrial robot with the MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner MW Light mobile robot. This autonomous mobile robot equipped with an omnidirectional drive provides a wide range of multidirectional movements and 360 degrees rotation in place. The undoubted advantage, which is maximum mobility, allows shortening the cycle times and downtime in the production process. MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner MW Light is also characterized by high positioning precision, which is very important for the full use of the precision offered by articulated robots and cobots.


In the discussed application, an industrial robot was used, not a collaborative robot, therefore it was extremely important to ensure an appropriate level of safety that would allow the MOBOT® xArm to work in space without fencing. For this purpose, the safety system of the mobile robot, which was integrated with the safety system of the articulated robot, played a leading role. Using MOBOT® security scanners and the possibility of programming warning and safe zones, virtual walls of the security cell were designated. After crossing them, both robots slowed down their work or stopped completely, posing no threat to humans.

The KUKA KR AGILUS robot is equipped with a gripper for picking up and putting away tool holders with a tool for machine tools. The robot also has a storage table for tool holders. The entire application is a perfect solution for automating the delivery of tools to machining centers. Mecanum wheels and LMS laser navigation allow the robot to arrive precisely, and then the tool holder to be picked up and delivered by KR Agilus.

MOBOT® xArm - other applications

Automation of the order picking process will undoubtedly be one of the rapidly developing areas of implementation for mobile robots equipped with a robotic arm, especially a cobot. It is influenced, among others, by the dynamically growing e-commerce industry. According to PwC, the gross value of the Polish e-commerce market in 2026 will amount to approx. PLN 162 billion. This means an average annual increase of 12%. Efficient deliveries are of key importance for the development of this industry, which is why the area related to logistics and the supply chain is forced to optimize and increase efficiency at every stage of the process. In the case of warehouse logistics, solutions such as MOBOT® xArm will allow for the automation of order picking, especially where it is necessary to pick up or put items on the shelves.

Quality control is an equally interesting application for MOBOT® xArm. After retrofitting appropriate sensors or scanners with one device, it is possible to control at many points in the process or verify the quality of large details, e.g. in the aviation or automotive industry.

These are, of course, not all areas of application for the MOBOT® xArm. Do you want to learn more about the possibilities offered by MOBOT® robots? Contact our consultant and get answers to your questions.



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