Mobile robot MOBOT® eduRunner MW

Compact mobile robot MOBOT® eduRunner MW equipped with Mecanum wheels, is designed for activities in the field of mobile robotics.

MOBOT® eduRunner MW provides new, wide development opportunities for technical schools and universities dealing with automation and robotics.

Key Features :

Extensive development opportunities

MOBOT® eduRunner MW is a compact and extremely functional structure equipped with four omnidirectional wheel drives with direction indicators, HMI touch panel, safety switch, function buttons and a 2D laser scanner with a safety function. For navigation, a laser terrain mapping system (LMS) is used, which allows for autonomous operation.

Small dimensions and weight allow the robot to be used in various spaces. There are mounting plates on the robot's casing, to which the user can easily attach additional components, e.g. sensors. In the standard version, the MOBOT® eduRunner MW is equipped with one 2D scanner, optionally it can be equipped with two 2D scanners. In addition, it is possible to install a camera for line tracking and recognition of QR codes placed on the floor, as well as an optional RFID reader. The Mecanum wheel drive enables multidirectional movement and precise control and positioning of the robot.

Intuitive software

The MOBOT® RoutePlanner software is used to program the machine, the same as used in  MOBOT® AGV robots working in industry. RoutePlanner is used to configure the robot, map the environment, and using LMS laser navigation to program missions that the robot is to perform independently.

The user, using the software, can create programs with the robot's route and tasks to be performed (e.g. arrival from a given place and measurement using a sensor located on the mounting plate), as well as manually control the robot using the computer keyboard and add route points, in which a certain action is to be carried out.

With the MOBOT® eduRunner MW mobile robot, the acquired knowledge can be quickly tested and verified in practice.