WObit wins the Polish Intelligent Development Award 2019!

The WObit company has been awarded Polish Intelligent Development Award 2019 in the category Innovative technologies of the future for the implementation of projects titled "Invention of the LMS navigation system with obstacle avoidance", "Development of control for a mobile robot with Mecanum wheels" and "Design and production of the mobile robot MOBOT AGV FlatRunner MW Light".

From 2016, the winners of the Prize are organizations and individuals who demonstrate a future-oriented approach. All projects, investments and projects carried out by the winners are characterized by innovation and are the best examples of sustainable and intelligent development.

The initiator and organizer of the award is the Intelligent Development Center. The media partner is the thematic sections "Thing about Innovation and Investments" and the "goPL" program. The content partner is the Silesian Center for Business Ethics and Sustainable Development at the Silesian University of Technology.

The projects for which WObit was awarded is the result of research and development works carried out 100% from own financial outlays by the company's team.

The LMS laser navigation system is currently available in all MOBOT®AGV mobile robots . It provides mobile robots with autonomous movement with a high degree of adaptability. This means that they can be implemented for various applications in many areas of the enterprise. Importantly, this navigation method does not require interference with the factory or warehouse space, and its implementation and reconfiguration are very fast. It also allows you to avoid obstacles that AGVs encounter on their way.

MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner MW and MOBOT® AGV FlatRunner MW Light models are fitted with Mecanum wheels offering the widest maneuverability and maneuverability. This drive system allows movement in any direction and 360 degree rotation. The effect of using this unlimited mobility and flexibility is to reduce cycle times and production downtime.

MOBOT®AGV FlatRunner MW Light is the latest robot in the MOBOT®AGV family with a load capacity of up to 1000 kg. Can autonomously move in any direction thanks to Mecanum wheels and LMS laser navigation. It is distinguished by an extremely compact construction with a height of less than 30 cm! It is adapted to transport pallets and various loads thanks to the option of easily equipping with an extension module, e.g. with automatic rollers. The robot can also be retrofitted with a load lifting system.

As every year, the award will be presented during the Intelligent Development Forum - a prestigious economic event dedicated to innovation, intelligent development and new technologies. This is an international debate with the participation of several hundred industry leaders - innovators and investors from the business, science and local government sectors.

The The 4th Intelligent Development Forum will be held in Uniejów on November 28-29, 2019. The main organizer and initiator of the Forum and Awards is the Center Intelligent Development.

In connection with the Award, WObit appeared in the latest episode of the goPL program promoting innovative, innovative solutions introduced to the Polish market. The film presenting WObit can be seen here .


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